Moving Checklist

Set the date
Decide on a moving date (usually the completion date) as soon as contracts have been exchanged.
Request a consultation with MyMoveManager
You can do this by visiting our moving consultation request page.
Sit back and relax as we guide you through the process
We recognise that relocating can be a stressful time for anyone, at MyMoveManager we strive to make this process simple, easy to understand and worry-free.
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Tips leading up to moving day

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Think about what you'll be moving.
Assess your belongings and ask the removal company for a home visit if you're worried about bulkier items.
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Notify your landlord.
If renting don't forget to notify your landlord. You will need to give at least 4 weeks notice before you move out otherwise you could forfeit rent.
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Dispose of unwanted items.
Start clearing out the garage & loft, hire a skip if necessary. Make a few trips to the recycling centre.
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Let your broadband supplier know as soon as possible that you are moving to ensure you are not penalised for shutting down your account.

You can always get a mobile broadband pay-as-you-go dongle to bridge the gap.
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Inform friends and relatives.
Order change of address cards to send out to friends and family.
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Doctor, Doctor, I'm moving...
If you are moving out of the local area you will have to de-register with your doctor, dentist and optician and register with new ones in your new area.
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Use our handy check-list
There's a lot of people and institutions that need to be aware of your move.

You can download a handy check-list here:
Moving Home Check-list (6.8 MB)
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Time to tuck in.
Start eating the food in your freezer.
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Off the grid...
Organise your utilities to be switched off at your current house when you
move out, the meters read, and connected on your moving day at the new
house. Don't forget your phone and internet service
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Return to sender...
Set up a mail forwarding service through the Post Office.
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Another list...
Make a list of all important phone numbers like estate agents, solicitors,
MyMoveManager, insurance, utilities along with any account numbers.

You can keep your numbers in our handy moving checklist.
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Repeat Prescription.
Visit your doctor and arrange supplies of any medicines you regularly take, to
keep you going until you can find a new doctor.
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Make a last in, first out box...
Pack a box containing the kettle, mugs, teaspoons, sugar, teabags, coffee,
snacks, takeaway menus, scissors, a torch, corkscrew/bottle opener, a radio,
soap, toilet paper and towels and mark it clearly.
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Hold on to important documents.
Keep keys and important documents, such as deeds, ownership papers, passports, driving licences and birth certificates, with you at all times. Don’t pack them away.
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As you leave...
Before you set off for your new home, check that gas, electricity and water supplies are switched off at the mains, and windows and doors are fastened securely.
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Before you close the door...
Leave a note with your contact details for the new occupants if necessary